Equine vet covering.
Castle Cary, Milborne Port,
Henstridge, Somerton and
surrounding areas

Telephone. 01963 251 772
E-mail. info@sclaterequine.co.uk


In the event of an emergency please call us on 01963 251772.

What constitutes an emergency ...

Anything that requires immediate veterinary assistance.

Common emergencies include:

  • Colic
  • Laminitis
  • Wounds - particularly where there is significant bleeding
  • Choke
  • Non-weight bearing lameness

Things you can do before the vet arrives ...


Talk to the vet; if your horse is not too exhausted then walking can help.


Remove your horses from grass, and stable them on a deep, comfortable bed. Only allow them to eat soaked meadow hay. If they are unable to move, prevent further ingestion of grass/hard feed and wait for the vet to arrive.


If possible remove dirt with gentle flushing. Ideally, use cooled, boiled water. If the wound is still bleeding, bandage the wound with a clean or ideally sterile dressing and apply some pressure.


Remove feed, try to keep your horse relaxed.

Non-weight bearing lameness

Try to establish the cause and discuss this with the vet. Await for veterinary attendance.